SunergoLab Inc.

3120 Leeman Ferry Road

Suite B

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Tel: 859-554-0405
Fax: 859-554-0405

Sunergo is translated from Greek as “work together”. Sunergolab Inc. teams with academia/national laboratories (e.g., Sandia National Laboratories) to enable the use of mesoscale predictive software in forward-thinking materials applications. The SunergoLab team has 50+ years working in field of CAE and FEM, core competencies in material processing and aerospace, and 20+ years of managerial experience. The team also leverages the expertise of Dr. David Littlewood (the primary Peridigm developer) and Dr. Stewart Silling (the initiator of Peridynamics).

"Let us help you with designing new materials and manufacturing processes for your application"


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